Color Correction in KWin (GSoC 2012) start

I have commenced working on this years Google Summer of Code project.

It’s about color correction in the KWin compositor. KWin is a complex piece of software, and the modifications that are to be made must be carefully thought of in advance. Because of this, I must analyze the source code properly before attempting to start modifying. You can’t do a good job if you don’t understand what you’re working on.

For a start, I have analyzed the code paths related to window rendering inside KWin. Here are the results (big ugly table):

The color correction modifications will fit in somewhere in there, but I don’t know where is the best place to put them. Next step is to continue the analysis by using my preffered method: learning by destroying – disable stuff and see what happens, remove other stuff and see what happens, put ugly modifications and see what happens, and so on. Of course, this destruction would be limited to a local branch. After I become confident enough regarding the inner workings of KWin (rendering), I can try to propose and implement the appropriate modifications.

Project page in the KDE Community Wiki


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