GSoC Color Correction in KWin week 3 report

Hello everyone,

I have continued working on my GSoC project with the goal of achieving color correction in KWin. Last week, I concentrated my efforts on splitting the painting process to get a painting pass for each screen. But, unfortunately, there were unforeseen complications. Although the modifications work fine in KWin core, they break a significant number of the effects (unlucky me, the most complicated ones).

I have spent most of the time debugging around the effects and trying to fix each one. The problem is that in most of them it is assumed that there is only one big screen (that is an aggregation of the actual screens). So, obviously, things start to break after modifying the rendering pipeline.

It has been decided that I will put that approach on hold for a while, and begin working on a simpler one, that has very little chances of breaking effects again. However, this simpler approach (based on doing the splitting very near to the actual rendering) will have a significant performance impact. But the primary objective is to have something working.

Now I am much more confident than before, since by hacking around the effects and the core painting parts, I have a much better understanding of the code.

And, of course:
Going to Akademy!


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