GSoC Color Correction in KWin week 10 report

After a little break I am continuing the work on the color correction project.

Now it is time to implement the color server module. This thing seems to be more complicated to implement than I first hoped, but the complexity should be only in thinking how to perform the implementation, not in the actual stuff that will be done in the end. We don’t want to end up with hackish disorganized code that noone will understand.

Lots of inspiration will be drawn from the Compiz ICC plugin (compicc). It is implemented in C and it uses Compiz structures with coupled private structures, and this is very different from how the color server module will be like.

I have started developing a test application that will see most of the classes that will eventually be present in the color server module. Speaking of classes, it should be KDE code with Qt stuff everywhere, C++, so that is different from the CompICC plugin.

In parallel, the changes to KWin regarding color stuff need to be adapted to the latest changes in master (a rebase). This should be almost trivial, but it still takes a bit of time.

I am hoping for more significant progress the following weeks. The current objective is to get a functional color server module communicating with the KWin color stuff, and implementing the baseline X Color Management spec.


One thought on “GSoC Color Correction in KWin week 10 report

  1. Looking forward to proper color management solutions as I dive into graphics stuff. Thx for your work!

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